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A growing number of American citizens are traveling outside the US for essential medical services - usually for a fraction of what they would cost you at home.
Benefitting from overseas healthcare facilities that are affiliated with the Joint Committee, International, (JCI) the accrediting organization for hospitals worldwide. In addition, an increasing number of foreign hospitals are now affiliated with U.S. hospitals. For example, Tawam in Dubai along with Singapore, China and Panama are affiliated with John Hopkins, International; St. Lukes Medical Center, Phillippines, is affiliated with the Sloan Kettering Cancer Center; and CIMA hospitals in Costa Rica are affiliated with the Baylor University Medical Center in Texas.

In 2008, almost 750,000 Americans traveled abroad for medical care and that number will increase to approximately 6 million by 2010.

A list of sample surgeries in various countries provided by the Medical Tourism Association.





While many medical/healthcare tourism facilitators can arrange all of your surgical and travel

plans, WE ACCOMPANY YOU to ensure it all goes smoothly!

Upon INITIAL CONTACT you inform us of your destination and we will additionally advise you as to what vaccinations you may need and to see if an interpreter is needed for the country you have selected!

Starting with your HOMETOWN ARRIVAL the day before departure, we verify your air tickets; passport; visa (if needed), review your packed luggage items; assist you with whatever is needed for your overseas departure. If departure day is early morning, it is preferable to stay at airport lodging.

DEPARTURE DAY: We arrive at the airport via limo/car transportation; check our luggage and with our boarding passes in hand proceed thru TSA Security. Arriving at our departure gate we board our airplane for our destination without any delay . If delays should occur, TRAVEL PARTNER, INTERNATIONAL will make every effort, working with your facilitator to arrange for the next available flight OR any available alternatives. 

ARRIVAL DAY: Upon arrival at our destination we gather our luggage and proceed thru customs. We are then met at the airport by transportation personnel and are transported to our destination hospital/hotel accommodations. With surgery scheduled the next day, we will accompany you to your appointments as you meet with hospital staff to review your upcoming procedures. 

SURGERY DAY: TRAVEL PARTNER, INTERNATIONAL will be with you in the AM. Until you are taken to surgery and will be in recovery, staying with you for the remainder of the day.

DAY 1 AFTER SURGERY; TRAVEL PARTNER, INTERNATIONAL will stay with you for as long as you request! Our schedule will depend upon your recovery time. Please keep in mind, depending upon the type of surgery you’ve endured, the post-operative risks of hopping on a long flight where the body is dealing with altitude, pressure and oxygen changes. Please make allowance in your schedule for this time frame

Keep in mind, TRAVEL PARTNER, INTERNATIONAL, can return to accompany you home!

Or, perhaps it might be time for a spouse/partner to arrive and enjoy some vacation/recuperative time with you.

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Have a caring professional pamper you! A travel companion that cares about your SAFETY & SECURITY!

We will assist you thru:
  • Airport Hassles
  • Check-in
  • Baggage check
  • Security Screening
  • Pre-boarding
  • Airport delays
  • Retrieving luggage
  • Customs and much more!



We will accompany you to:
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Thailand
  • Costa Rica
  • India
    and many more destinations!
You Choose the Destination!

Travel Partner International, In-flight Travel Accompaniment!
Get High Quality Surgery Abroad at A Fraction of the Cost and let
Travel Partner International make your medical travels worry free!

Smooth Setup. ___ Safe Journey. ___ Secure Stay.

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